Weekly Geeks #27 - for Dewey

This week our Weekly Geeks are celebrating Dewey. Many book bloggers have joined together in a remarkable team effort to keep Dewey's projects going.

In January, we'll have a new edition of Weekly Geeks with a different blog address. Meantime, we're going to take a break and honor Dewey with a month of "silence" (at least in terms of WG).

Dewey was one of those people who could create something from nothing - sort of a wizard or magician. When I started this blog in March, I kept seeing her name or her blog name or some project of hers every single week. I started participating in Weekly Geeks right away. Sometimes Dewey would have us visit other blogs, sort of like a scavenger hunt, just so we'd get to know other bloggers.

One of my favorite WGs was interviewing another blogger about a book they'd read. I got acquainted with Beastmomma through that assignment and we've been visiting each other's blogs ever since.

It's an interesting process trying to fill the ginormous shoes Dewey left behind -- it takes a whole village -- and it speaks to the caring community that Dewey nurtured here. I think she's smiling, knowing what she created is in loving hands and will carry on.



beastmomma said...

I am so thankful that Dewey brought us into each other blogs through her amazing work. There is certainly a large void left by her. On another note, the package with the book arrived. Thank you again!

Serena said...

I loved the blogger interviews! Fantastic. I can't wait to see Weekly Geeks return in January!