Bill Moyers on Obama

I just had to share this even though it's a few weeks old. The joyful celebrations have died down, replaced by the holiday goings on and the mundane tasks of daily life. Although --there is more hope in the air these days, even with a rapidly declining economy. I wore my Obama button on the train this weekend and it sparked a few fun conversations about hope. And on our way home from the station, our taxi driver (who was listening to NPR - we knew it was a good sign!) told us about his teenage children who were so involved in the election and debated politics with their cousins over Thanksgiving dinner. It made me smile.

So here's Bill Moyers, a clear voice of reason, discussing how far we've come.



Margot said...

Thanks for this piece from Bill Moyers. I'm a big fan of his and NPR. Thanks a also for commenting on my blog. I'm visiting my mother this month and only have internet access a few hours a week so I'm not able to reply as much as I'd like.

Keep up the good work on your blogs. You're doing a great job.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes. Growing up in the sixties, assassination after assassination buried most of the hope I had. Obama is the first politician to revive it.

gwenlyn said...

What a good man and thanks for putting his voice out there. Moyers also endured the assassinations of the sixties and like a Pheonix, rises from those ashes today. Let's join him!

Terri said...

I always thought he'd make a good president or veep. He's also copped to his errors (Johnson's press sec'y during Vietnam - essentially lying to the public).