The Sunday Salon - Potpourri

The Sunday Not much reading news to report this week. Since my centennial read last week, my reading has slowed to a crawl, but that's just temporary. It's partly due to a cold that took up residence in my head this week; I doze off every twenty minutes or so, usually while I'm reading (fortunately, not while I'm driving). From the sounds of it, we'll be hunkered down here all week with frigid temps and possibly snow or, more likely, one of our lovely Portland ice storms. So lots of reading time ahead next week.

My book blogger Secret Santa, Lynne, sent me a wonderful book, one that was high on my wish list: The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield. I love his writing, his speaking, his Buddhist teaching, and I've looked forward to this book since it came out last summer. Thank you Lynne! I hope my gift recipient is as thrilled with what s/he was sent! This was another of Dewey's projects as a way of building community - she and Ana organized the annual swap. Thank you Ana! And I'm sure this won't be the last time we send a little thank you blessing out to Dewey's spirit.

Speaking of Dewey, there's one more reading challenge out there that I'm going to sign on to for 2009: Dewey's Books. Robin and Chris are hosting this challenge; in Chris's words:

Dewey was such a prolific reader and her reviews were honest, intriguing, and beautifully written. What better way to celebrate her wonderful life than by having a year long challenge in her name!
Dewey and I had similar tastes in books, and there are several I picked that were already on my TBR shelves; but I also found a few that I hadn't heard of before, so it will be a good mix.

Check back here on Monday for details about a book giveaway. Joshua Henkin sent me a signed copy of his book, Matrimony, and will do the same for the lucky winner of the giveaway. Stay tuned!

And now, since we're well into double-digit December days (that's my cue), I have to admit that the holidays are upon us. I wish you all a joyous, peaceful, sane holiday season. Stay warm if you're in the northern hemisphere, stay cool if you're in the southern. And don't forget the mistletoe!



Joanne Ganley said...

Great blog! Have a lovely Sunday and keep warm.

gautami tripathy said...

Dewey's spirit will keep us all connected.

Here is my SS post
Kill Word Verification

Literary Feline said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, Terri.

The Book Blogger Swap, has been fun, hasn't it? I've enjoyed being a part of it again this year.

Have a great week!

Wendy said...

Happy Sunday, Terri! I'm also hosting a giveaway of Matrimony in February (the week of Valentines :)) I'll be reading his book soon! Glad to see you joining Dewey's Books Challenge...she liked a lot of the same books I do and I am looking forward to remembering her in this way. Have a wonderful week...feel better soon!

Nymeth said...

Sorry to hear about your cold! I hope you feel better soon.

I'm really happy to see how much everyone is enjoying their gifts. I know Dewey would have loved this part of it. But you know, I love the way everyone is enjoying it still and thinking of her fondly. This is one of many things that will help us remember her warmly.

I'm doing the challenge too, but I haven't yet decided what to read. I also have several books on my tbr shelf that I got because of her.

Happy holidays to you too, Terri!

beastmomma said...

I find myself dozing off but it is from attempting to write a paper :) I hope that you feel better soon and get back into doing things that you enjoy in good health.

Bogsider said...

And a great Holiday Season to you as well :o)