Friday Fill-ins 12-12-08

Janet is our friendly host for this weekly event. My responses are in italics.

1. Friends know my quirks and love me anyway.

2. Pay attention to your health; it's easier to prevent illness than it is to cure it.

3. I'm ready for snow and cold – it’s a good thing, because it’s on the way! Not ice though – never ready for ice.

4.Vanilla is one of my favorite perfumes or aftershaves or smells. Perfume = eeewwww.

5. The oldest ornament I have is my Christmas stocking, knit by my mother about 30 years ago.

6. Take some friends mix it all together and you have a party.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting over my cold with lots of tea and naps, working on holiday cards and very belated thank you notes; tomorrow my plans include staying warm, reading, taking naps, making soup; and Sunday, I want to walk in the snow (if it comes) and take photos of it, and then read some more! And did I mention taking naps?



Janet said...

naps, walking in the snow, taking pictures...sounds like my kind of weekend LOL! Enjoy and thanks for playing :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm never ready for any of the cold-snow or ice myself!
Enjoy your weekend- it sounds like fun.

beastmomma said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. I hope that you enjoy. Also, I love your response to number two.

Nise' said...

I would gladly send you some snow and cold, we have much to spare! Have a great weekend.