Weekly Geeks #18 - Catchup

For this week's geekishness, Dewey suggests we get caught up on something - book reviews, TBR pile (yeah, right)...anything. Well, I'm working on getting caught up on the laundry, and the gardening task list is humongous, my bank statement needs to be balanced. But I suppose she means something book related. So, my intentions for this week are to:

  • Catch up on my Orange Prize and Booker Prize challenges - I've read a lot of books for these since I last posted to them.
  • Read at least one ARC that I'm supposed to have read and reviewed. A long time ago.
  • Clean up and organize my Photobucket site. Jeez, what a conglomeration of crap.
So check back the end of the week to see how I fared.


Book Zombie said...

Lol my laundry room looks like a war zone (especially since the kids have been going paintballing) I'm thinking of shoveling it all outdoors and using the hose :)
Best of luck with your catch-up this week!

jessi said...

Good luck with getting caught up! My financial records are in complete disarray right now, so I'm sure my CPA mother would love for me to get on that, too. :)

Callista said...

Good luck on your list. I'll be posting my list sometime today. BTW, you linked to your weekly geeks from last week on the mr. linky.