Weekly Geeks #18 - Catchup Wrapup

Last Saturday's Weekly Geek intentions for catching up on a few of my reading and blogging duties were good ones. And you know what they say about good intentions.

Actually, I did do two out of three - I cleaned up my Photobucket mess as well as I could. I wanted to move things into folders but it would have broken many many links from old blog and message board posts (and frankly, probably no one would notice!) so I'll wait a few more months to do that. Perhaps a New Years intention. I did manage to delete a few pages worth of images that were probably not linked to anything.

After reading Wendy's post this evening about her amazing progress (I swear the woman has a TEAM of bloggers and readers), I tucked my tail between my legs and dashed off a couple of posts to the Orange Prize and Booker Prize blog sites. I won't even link to them because there's nothing of substance there, just a list of the prize winning books I read since June.

Alas, I did not read one of my Early Review books. I am unworthy.


Wendy said...

Oh, you are much to hard on yourself, Terri! *gives a gentle hug and pat on the back* Thanks for the kudos...I'm afraid my to-do list is simply a symptom of my OCD *laughing*