Countdown to retirement: 35 days

35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography

I love rain. I love good photography. I've been cruising around the web for inspiration for good photos. Here's one of my favorites from the above website:

One of the things I'll be doing more of in 35 days: taking photos. I've started putting some of my best (imho) on a photo blog- I can only upload one a day, so I have to be choosy. There are also lots of other inspiring photos on the photoblog (click on Community at the top of the blog page).

Here's another apropos art site: 35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti - an art form that removes dust or dirt rather than adding paint. Pretty awesome. I'd love it if someone did that on my embarrassingly dirty car! Here's an example:

I probably won't be doing this in 35 days, but I might get my car washed more often!


Jill said...

I was enjoying your rain picture and then scrolled down to the Girl With The Pearl someone's windshielf. Wow, that's interesting! A beautiful rendition but makes one wonder when was the last time that car got a bath!

Jill =)

Terri said...

Right. I have no room to talk though, mine is constantly covered with tree droppings.

Andi said...

Reverse graffiti! Never heard of that but it looks amazing!