Nature Quote of the Day - Monday

Nature reserves the right to inflict upon her children the most terrifying jests. ~Thornton Wilder


Book Zombie said...

Very nice and so appropriate. I always think Mother Nature has it in for us.

Ruth said...

I'm almost inclined to agree with Book Zombie's comment. I remember seeing floods like this when I was a kid and my grandpa's back yard would flood every year. It still bugs me enough that I couldn't even watch the mini series Flood that was on the CBC Sunday and last night. It's a little easier reading novels like Tsunami, because even though it's well researched and a great story, it's still fiction.

Terri said...

Don't forget the immense tsunami that devastated southeast Asia 4 years ago - 1/4 of a million people died, many areas were wiped out. It wasn't fictional!

Book zombie -- I think Ma Nature would be happy to get rid of humans! We are her children behaving badly.