Countdown to retirement: 40 days

I was going to do a 40 days and 40 nights theme for this one, but that seemed too obvious. Instead I bring you:

In terms of its variety of uses, apparently WD-40 is the new duct tape:
  • Removes tar from feet
  • Protects arrowheads from corrosion
  • Removes duct tape (well, there ya go, it's all part of the plan)
  • Unsticks stuck boat horn
  • Protects vintage steam equipment on paddlewheel steam boats
  • Lubricates hinges on skunk racing box (is the skunk racing, or the box??)
  • Cleans peanut butter from shoestrings
  • Shines seashells (oh, the clams will be so happy!)
  • Lubricates power injecting device strung from the ceiling in Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • Spray on balcony to keep pigeons away
  • Cleans remote controls
  • Frees stuck Lego blocks
  • Lubricates robot joints
  • Cleans gum from chicken feathers
  • Keeps missile silo doors swinging freely
  • Cleans and protects handcuffs
  • Lubricates fingers stuck in hole (hopefully not in the missile silo door)
  • Removes gum from flagpoles
  • Removes melted plastic from toaster oven
  • Removes squeak from dental chairs (the better to hear the drill, my dear)
Ok, one really has to wonder who's been sticking gum on flagpoles. Or chickens. I get the plastic in the toaster oven, especially if one has children. (I once baked a plastic spider right into a waffle.)

If you're really gung-ho about WD-40, you can join the fan club! (As Dave Barry would say, I'm not making this up.) I wonder what the cheer would be...

Give me a W!
Give me a D!
Give me a 40!

Hmmm, loses something in the translation.



Jill said...

Pssst. I call this product "Willie Dick." I just said to my hubby the other day, "This door needs some Willie Dick."

Now you'll never think of WD 40 the same way again! LOL.

=) Jill

Anonymous said...

"Is the skunk racing, or the box?" I dunno, but in either case, with a skunk in it, I'd really want the hinges well-lubricated.

Nancy said...

I just think of the 39 as a very special number, will Caty make a cameo appearance I wonder?