Countdown to retirement: 33 days

Well I did the little vinyl memory lane trip for the 45 days post, so must follow up with 33s (no, I won't post about 8-track tapes for the 8 day countdown!). This, boys and girls, is what we used to call albums, or LPs (long playing) or, simply, records. They have a 12 inch radius, they break fairly easily, storage is a problem and the scratches make funny popping noises when you play them. CDs and mp3s have a much cleaner sound - which, imo, is not always a good thing. I got used to those scratches! And analog recordings sound so much warmer than digital. I remember being so excited to have Abbey Road on CD, but when I listened to it, it sounded too clean, it was missing some grit and substance.

The other cool thing about LPs: album covers! You just cannot get this kind of art on a CD insert. They're big, and the lyric sheets (sometimes inside the album cover on a separate sheet) are in
a font size you can actually READ!

Some of my alltime favorite album covers:

Did you know that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon synchs up with The Wizard of Oz at various points? Meaning, you put the album on, turn the movie on without sound and the Dark Side music sort of goes with the movie. (I remember parties where things like that were discovered....) I learned this from my therapist.

Can you believe the things you're learning here??? Truly.


Jill said...

That Rolling Stone cover is truly awesome.

My sister had "Paradise Theater" by STYX on record, and that was another great cover.

Terri said...

Oh I loved Paradise Theater -- I thought I still had that one but didn't see it yesterday.

Dewey said...

I used to have Tattoo You on vinyl! Also Dark Side of the Moon, which is my all time favorite album ever. If I could only have one album for the rest of my life, that would be it.

33 days only! It seems like just yesterday it was 45 days.

Terri said...

I know, it's going so fast, Dewey! And I have a ton of work to do before I depart, so I know the last 30 days will fly by! Eep!

I love Dark Side also, it's definitely one of my top five. I'd have to say Abbey Road though is my #1. And Jill - I found Paradise Theater! I may have to spin that tomorrow!