Teaser Tuesday and Where Are You? 04-21-09: East of Eden

Should Be Reading - Miz B - hosts this weekly event. We throw out a couple of sentences from our current read (without spoilers, of course) to entice you to read the book.

I'm still reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck. It's been awhile since it's taken me a week to read a book! This chunkster weighs in at almost 600 pages though. From page 224:

Kate wondered uneasily whether she could read minds, for Faye said, "I still don't like it as well. I said it then and I say it again. I liked your hair blond better. I don't know what got into you to change it. You've got a fair complexion."

Kate caught a single thread of hair with fingernails of thumb and forefinger and gently drew it out. She was very clever. She told the best lie of all--the truth. "I didn't want to tell you," she said. "I was afraid I might be recognized and that would hurt someone."

It's Tuesday, Where Are You? is hosted by an adventure in reading.

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Book Bird Dog said...

Hi: i've posted a teaser even though MizB doesn't have one up as yet.

Love Steinbeck, especially Travels with Charley.

Caspette said...

Wow still going with this book. Another interesting teaser though.