Weekly Geeks #26 - Strolling through the bloggerhood

Dewey's assignment this week is to visit five other blogs - of bloggers we don't know - and find some things in common with them. At first this SO reminded me of those uncomfortable "ice breakers" I've endured at countless meetings and workshops. But it was quite fun and I wasn't forced to talk to anyone!

  • My first stop was at Ali's blog, Worducopia . Ali had just posted a meme, 4 Things, and I saw we had some things in common:
    • We've both lived in Portland
    • We both love Harold and Maude
    • We've both vacationed in the San Juan Islands
    • We both visit LibraryThing often

  • Next I visited Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness. What I noticed here was our similar blogging style: we both incorporate a lot of photos, cartoons and book covers. We also read a lot of the same books.
  • Reading in Appalachia was my next stop. This is Icedream's blog. Her review of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society could have been written by me!
  • Then I knocked on Book Dads' door. I didn't find a lot we had in common, but I really liked his WG Gift Books for Dads post last week. It's so very inclusive of all kinds of families. And I appreciate that he promotes positive images of fatherhood through books and blogging.
Thanks, Dewey - even though I grumble when those icebreakers come up, I usually end up enjoying them.



Bogsider said...

Hi Terri, by complete coincidence I decided to check your blog to see about things in common and I see you featured me. I had to link to your blog as well and look forward to check in often.

Andi said...

Great post! I think I'll participate this week, too, but I'll probably post about it later in the week. Enjoy Sophisticated Dorkiness! I'm doing my usual Sunday morning blog hopping and just came from there!

Dewey said...

You and I have many things in common, too! I also recently read the Potato Peel Pie book, have read many of the same books you've read this year, am currently reading Elegance of the Hedgehog, which you have pictured in your sidebar right now, voted for Obama, agree that we'd best support troops by bringing them home, would STILL like to impeach Bush, love Geraldine Brooks. Sadly, though, I am not retired, and I have to say that I hate mushrooms. ;)

Ali said...

Hi Terri, thanks for checking out my blog! Hey, does that mean I can steal all the things you wrote when I do my WG assignment? One down, four to go! (Just kidding)

Anonymous said...

I chose to feature YOU in my post this week. Ali and the bookDads are popular (I, too, featured the bookDads blog.)

Serena said...

This is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! I see that When You Are Engulfed in Flames is on your reading list -- I read that earlier this year. I hope you like it.