Questions for my Readers

Hello faithful blog readers! I don't think I've told you how much I appreciate you stopping by to find out what's happening in my life. I think it would be silly to post this much and not have anyone see it, so THANKS!

My question is this: I'm starting to participate in more and more photography memes (as I use it here, 'meme' refers to weekly events or prompts in the blogosphere, such as The Sunday Salon or Weekly Geeks). I will likely have almost daily photos to post; so I've started a separate photography blog for posting these photos. If you're someone who visits my blog regularly, would you tell me what you think of this idea? Would you rather have everything in one place or the photo memes separate? The photo blog would only have photos on it, very little text and no other memes. Would it be a pain in the rear for you to navigate to another spot if you want to see the photos? Or is it a pain in the rear to have so much stuff on one blog?

And, if you visit the photo blog: what do you think of the dark background? Too hard to read the captions? I like the way it sets off the photos, but I don't want to scare people away with the background. I know I hate reading a lot of light colored text on a black background, but there won't be much text.

Leave me a comment or send me email teelgee7 AT gmail DOT com and tell me what you think! This is a participatory endeavor, so your input is important to me. While you're at it, tell me what you'd like more of (politics? personal stories and photos?) or less of (politics? photos?).

Thanks for your time!



Amanda said...

Hi Terri,

As one of your readers, I tend to read the non-meme posts more carefully. I generally do that on most blogs I follow.

Also, I think your background is just fine. :)

Lezlie said...

I like your photos. If youleft them all in one place, that would be fine by me. But a separate blog would be fine, too. Helpful, aren't I? :-)


Terri said...

So Amanda, I'm not sure what you mean; would you prefer the photo-related posts in a different place? And do you mean the dark background is ok on the other blog?

Yeah, thanks a heap Lezlie. ;o) It helps to know, actually, that it doesn't make a difference. Just one more blog to look at, eh?

Thanks you two.

Yolanda said...

I think the phots with your blog are fine and also on a seperate blog. I enjoy blogs both places. I have found through personal experience that the pictures pop better on white.

Laura said...

Terri, since I follow most blogs via RSS, it doesn't make much difference to me: if you decide to stick with the photo blog, I'll add it to my Google Reader.

Personally I struggle to maintain 2 blogs and am definitely ignoring my nature blog right now. But then, I'm not retired :-)

beastmomma said...

I like everything in one place. You could have the photographs on a different page. I guess you could guess my response from the way my blog is designed.

Bogsider said...

Hi Terri,
I enjoy looking at photo blogs in general and seeing how many you already have on your photo blog, I'd say that it is a good idea to put your snaps in a seperate blog. You could also choose a flickr (, but you probably already know this site) profile and just link to it from your other blog with a simple link, a badge or widget. Only thing about flickr is that you can only upload a certain amount of snaps each month for free. If you upload more you have to become a "pro". I have my own flickr-page as I take a lot of pics. However, I am most certainly a complete amateur, so while I do not mind paying a couple of bucks a year to have the pro-account, it actually does bother me that it says my name and then "pro". I am by no means a pro. Anyway, I babble. I like your photo blog and I like the background.


Amanda said...

Sorry to be unclear Terri. Yes, the dark background on the photo blog is just fine. I like your photos and it doesn't really matter to me which blog you put them in. It's the other type of meme I pay less attention to. I still read them, but not as much as I read the non-meme posts. Does that make more sense? Sorry, I had three little kids running around me when I answered before. They're out for school this week.

Serena said...

I love the dark photo background, and from an amateur photographer perspective, so long as the photos are not too dark, they will pop on that background.

As for having the photos on a separate blog, I think its a good idea if you want to do it. I have a separate photo blog as well:

I like your macro posts here, so I hope that you don't get rid of those. I'm not sure how helpful these comments are. I'll add the new blog to google reader if you decide to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Oh...well, I've just found you on Ruby Tuesday and so stopped by to say hello (it's my first RT too)...I'm glad I did! I quite like the idea of separate blogs for writing and photos.. or writing and photos/ memes. I'm not organized enough to try that myself..yet..but once we're not living with the in-laws, I'm making sure that changes!

I'll be back...there's so much to read here!
Bella :)