Friday Fill-ins 06-12-09

Janet is our amazing host for this weekly event.

My responses are in italics. we go!

1. I grew up thinking I couldn’t have my own opinions; but I got over that!

2. Library Thing was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don't you do something nice for yourself today?

4. Reading helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the Friday Fill-Ins, Janet!

6. People who think they have all the answers are very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spaghetti dinner with friends, tomorrow my plans include reading and Sunday, I want to read!


Wrighty said...

Great answers! Nothing could be better than doing something nice for yourself and reading, reading, reading. :) That's a very appropriate thank you to Janet as well. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Caspette said...

Oooo yes reading. Thanks I think I will do something nice for myself by reading the end of Turn Coat which is getting to the climax so very exciting! Just need to forage for some chocolate and I'll be set.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Mariposa said... very true!

Mariposa's Fill-Ins

Mariposa said... very true!

Mariposa's Fill-Ins

AMH615 said...

I get the feeling you really like to read! lol! Have a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Love reading!! You should put a link for Library Thing in your answers. I would love to check it out. My Friday Fill-in answers are here.