Teaser Tuesday: 10-28-08 The English Major

I Should Be Reading - Miz B - hosts this weekly event. We throw out a couple of sentences from our current read to entice you to read the book!

From The English Major by Jim Harrison, page 8:

At dawn I decided to take the jigsaw puzzle of the United States and throw a piece out when I crossed the border into a new state. It would be nice to throw away Michigan for the time being.


Heather said...

I just read about this book over on the NY Times book blog (Paper Cuts, I think it is), and I was kind of interested because I'm an NPR fiend.

By the way, nice reference to the Mac guy's trivia reference with yoru Hallowe'en spelling.

Terri said...

Hi Heather. It's an entertaining book and a quick read. Won't be high on a favorites list though.

I've always spelled Hallowe'en that way, but then I'm a Pagan!

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

Interesting teaser - I had fun visualizing the shrinking puzzle of the US!

:) My teaser is from Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn -

Take care ~ Wendi

The Bumbles said...

That is a tremendous Teaser. I jumped right over to Goodreads and added it to my To Read shelf. Thanks!

Tonya said...

HAHA! That made me laugh. McCain probably wishes he could throw out puzzle pieces of the US too!