R Minus 1 - Countdown to Retirement

What would you ask President Obama (or the other guy) to do On Day One?

Join the debate! From our energy crisis to the war in the Iraq, set the next President's agenda by submitting your ideas for a better world. Join Eli Pariser of, former diplomat Joe Wilson, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and others - make your voice heard.


Nancy said...

Create the new cabinet level Department of Peace, from whence initiatives would quickly develop that would ensure effective collaborative nourishing communication at home and throughout the world, improvement in human rights and social/environmental justice, and restoration of Constitutional rights.

Oh, and instruct the new Attorney General to investigate and prosecute the war crimes and violation of the Constitution by Bush and all the asses he rode in on.

Pooch said...

Love your blog!! Congrats on your retirement!

Day One? Take time to collect yourself, become informed, install the best and the brightest to serve with you and relish a well-run campaign. You are our hope and we thank you!