The Sunday Salon - Self-Survey

The Sunday Last week I was inspired by Katrina to do a little survey of my reading shoulds and desires. Thanks, Katrina! I made a few changes to it and added some of my own:
  1. Author/s I've always wanted to read but haven't yet: Iris Murdoch; Kurt Vonnegut; Ray Bradbury (this could be a very long list, but I'm for brevity today)

  2. Author/s I'd like to read more of: Charles Dickens; John Steinbeck; Kazuo Ishiguro; Sarah Waters

  3. Author/s I think I should read but have no interest in (true confessions): James Joyce; John Updike; Joyce Carol Oates

  4. Book/s I think I should read but have no interest in: Moby Dick

  5. Authors I love that I've recently discovered (thanks to LibraryThing!): Kazuo Ishiguro; Robertson Davies; Elizabeth Taylor; Anita Shreve; Jhumpa Lahiri; Per Petterson.

  6. The genre/s I've wanted to read more of: sci-fi; mystery

  7. The book/s on my TBR pile I always mean to read next: Brave New World; 1984 (that fits in with #6!)

  8. Book/s I want to try again:
    Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood - I've started this 3 or 4 times and couldn't get past the first 20 pages or so. I'm still curious about it though and haven't given up yet.

    The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy - I quit this one at about 50 pages; I've heard so many raves about this book, and I think so much of her as an activist that I want to give it another go.

  9. Books I want to re-read:

    To see if I love them as much as I did the first time: House of the Spirits (Isabel Allende); Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood); Ishmael and My Ishmael (Daniel Quinn); The River Why (David James Duncan).

    To see if I can change my poor opinion of it: Prodigal Summer (Barbara Kingsolver). This is on my book group list for this year, so I'll get my chance.

  10. Books I will never, ever read: anything by Danielle Steele; The Secret. Never.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through The Blind Assassin and am thoroughly enjoying it. Atwood is such a stunning writer. Next up: Probably The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, which awaits me at the library.

Until next time, Sunday readers! Have a great week.


Seachanges said...

This is a great exercise and one to think about. You must read Iris Murdoch - I think I've read all of her books, but a long time ago now. Enjoy your reading today and the next few weeks!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Great survey, I may have to borrow that. I'm glad to see you are feeling much better. By the way, your garden is beautiful! Those artichokes are incredible. I have one pathetic tomato plant this year and some herbs, don't get much sun in my yard. Hav a good day! Erin

traveler one said...

Wow! I really like how you've organised your blog! I'm putting you on my blogroll because I definitely want to come back again. Thanks for commenting on my blog and making me feel welcome to the Sunday Salon. Cheers! Kim

gautami tripathy said...

I think I will do this meme! I like it. And I loved the Blind Assassin. We can exchange link love if you wish!

SS 1: Books read/received
SS 2: Book Shopping

Literary Feline said...

I could probably fill pages with the authors I really want to read but haven't had a chance to yet. I can't say I'm interested in reading Moby Dick either.

I am glad you are enjoying The Blind Assassin. That's one I hope to get to this year if possible.

Have a wonderful week!

Jill said...

I think you can safely read about Moby Dick on Wikipedia and scratch that one off your list.

So glad you're enjoying The Blind Assassin. I liked that book except for the sci-fi aspect to it. Sci-fi isn't my cup of tea, so I can't hold that against the book. =)


Fay Sheco said...

Although some of Atwood's work makes clear why her name is sometimes tossed around for Nobel Prize consideration, I also put down Oryx and Crake and have no intention of trying again. I found it obnoxious.

Marie said...

I'm with you on Oryx and Crake, as well as Danielle Steele and The Secret. As far as Sedaris I must respectfully disagree! :-) I actually can't stand the sound of his voice as much as I love his writing. When I read his stories I hear a more Stephen Colbert-ish voice in my head and whenever I hear Sedaris himself it always seems like a bit of a letdown or something, like when you see a movie of a book you love and they pick actors who look nothing like you imagined them! :-) I'm going to steal your self-survey too if you don't mind- it looks like fun.

katrina said...

Enjoy Bling Assassain its a great read. I also have no interest in Moby Dick I tried to force it on myself once but quickly gave up.
You should move 1984 up to a next read as it's great

Irish said...

I can understand your feelings about Oryx & Crake...I couldn't really get into reading it either. I finally tried an audio book from the library and that worked much better and I ended up enjoying it. But its not one of my favorites by her nor is it a book that I think I'd ever read again.

Great survey...I enjoyed reading it and this might be one book meme that I might do as well. I was tagged on a few for authors...but I can't choose just one (or even a dozen) to list as favorite. There are just so many loves!

John's comments said...

ohh great post
Yes do try and read more Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury as they are both great writers.
Charles Dickens...yuk so good luck
Agree re no interest authors
Moby Dick...hmm go for the audio book if it exists!
Robertson Davies Rocks!
Yes for SF but you have to sieve out the cowboys and Indians in space rubbish
Yes 1984 works but you may like to have read around the politics's and history of the time and events in the USSR to give it more depth

I loved the God of Small things as the prose style was so diffrent

Safe to say I would never either!

Anonymous said...

I recently read my first books by both Ishiguro and Waters, and loved them both. I'm with you on the "I want to read more by them" beat. I also like some of the adjustments you made to the meme; those are interesting things to consider.

LT has done a lot for me, too, as far as introducing new authors. I recently found an old list I'd made of books I wanted to read. Some of the books on the list, I don't think I ever would have gotten around to if not for hearing more about them on LT.

Sarah said...

It's always interesting to read about other reader's likes and dislikes.

Joyce Carol Oates has written many short stories that immediately grab you- I'd recommend the collection The Female of the Species as an example.

If you do read The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox next, I hope you enjoy it- I did to the extent of reading Maggie O'Farrell's other three books.

Andi said...

Great list of stuff . . . if you can get through the Roy it's definitely worth it. . . And Esme seems to be a fave. I'll have to add it.

Jackie said...

You're an inspiration, sister dear. Such a wonderful list to begin for intermittent readers. Your hands are looking good. Those opened pea pods brought back the smell, the taste, the feel of those fresh peas in my mouth. All that garlic, I see pesto on the horizon. How many arti's do you have growing? You still use Helmann's or that substitute? Mmmmm. Love you, Jackie

Julie said...

About "Moby Dick"--I finally read it by going to and having them send me two pages at a time every week-day for nearly a year. That worked fine, and I could say "I've read it." Right now, I'm about a third of the way through "Pride & Prejudice," another one of those classics I could never get into.

If you're not a big reader of Science Fiction, I'd suggest starting with Theodore Sturgeon's "More Than Human."

Xavier & Ysabella said...

Hey Terri, if you have time, add Angeles Mastratta to your list of should reads or re-reads. I read Lovesick four times (once out loud to Ramon). She has a way with words, making the mundane descriptions of place and color, eloquent. --Azize

Terri said...

Thanks, Z! I'll check it out. Great to see you here. I love the twins' blog.

kath said...

didn't know you were having surgery... glad you are healing well..

you do indeed have yummy books!

haven't seen you around LT so thought I would pop in here to say hi!