Mount TBR

Over at LibraryThing we sometimes refer to our To Be Read stacks as Mount TBR. Mine is growing almost weekly. Ok, almost daily.

I've been redecorating my studio space where most of my library lives. Had to pack away all my books and I'm now waiting on flooring and then bookshelves, so we're still a few weeks out. I managed to keep a box or two of books near the front of the stored stuff -- books I thought I might want to start sometime this month.

Since I have some recuperation time coming up over the next week or two, it's especially important to have my books close by!

I have all these yummy books to choose from! What would you choose? (You can click on the photos to get a better look at the titles.)


Elizabeth said...

Tipping the Velvet - yummy. Or The Blind Assassin. You've got a LOT of good choices!

Fay Sheco said...

Our stacks of unread books are similar. Many overlaps. _Oscar and Lucinda_ is one near the top of my pile. I'll look forward to your comments about any of these.

Sarah said...

That is quite a pile! If I were you, I'd read At Large and Small, Moral Disorder, The Namsake or Oscar and Lucinda. Look forward to hearing about what evr you do pick.

Jackie said...

Cry the Beloved Country seems'll be nice when the day comes that it isn't. Glad you have an excused absence so you can wallow in all of the wonder of words and visions and dreams. Love you, sis

Andi said...

I clicked on the final picture first, and right off the bat I have Garden Spells, the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and The Namesake on my TBR, too.