Some garden firsts

It was delicious.

The first poppy bloom - I went back to photograph it last night and all the petals were off. I suspect curious little children.

Broccoli several days ago -- it will be dinner tonight.

The cabbage is furling, the kale is curling
and the broccoli is broccoling.
It's a good life.

Lezlie was curious about the artichoke plant. Here's a photo I took a couple years ago when it went to bloom (note the industrious bees! well, and the aphids too, sigh.) Click on it to enlarge.



Lezlie said...

I don't think I've ever actually seen an artichoke plant before. Cool! It looks yummy!

Have a great day, Terri!

Terri said...

They're amazing plants, kind of prehistoric looking. Related to the thistle. When they bloom, they have purple spiky things on top - I'll post a photo of one I took a couple years ago when it bloomed.

Lezlie said...

I laughed when I saw the photo, because just the other day I asked Peter what an artichoke plant actually looked like, and he wasn't exactly certain. I can show him now, thanks to you!


My Journey Through Reading... said...

Cool pictures! I have never seen an artichoke plant before. My poppy plant died already. I think it had too much sun.