Teaser Tuesday and Where Are You? 03-24-09: O Pioneers!

Should Be Reading - Miz B - hosts this weekly event. We throw out a couple of sentences from our current read (without spoilers, of course) to entice you to read the book.

Today's selection should be coming from People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, but when I arrived at page 258, the next page was #195 and then it repeated to page 258 and skipped pages 259-322. Oh. So. Frustrating. So until I find a replacement, today's selection comes from O Pioneers! by Willa Cather, page 202:
And yet, down under the frozen crusts, at the roots of the trees, the secret of life was still safe, warm as the blood in one's heart; and the spring would come again! Oh, it would come again!
(That is especially for those of you who have yet to see a crocus or a daffodil!)

It's Tuesday, Where Are You? is hosted by an adventure in reading.

I'm on the plains of Nebraska in the early part of the 20th century.


Ruth said...

terri, I have People of the Book on audio, if you just can't stand to wait. Let me know. I hate when that happens!

Marg said...

It is very annoying when that happens, espcially when it is an interesting book like People of the Book.

Mary said...

I thought maybe it was the same book as the teaser before yours, lol.
Hope you're enjoying this book! My TT is up.

Kaye said...

That's such a shame because People of the Book is so very good. You can't go wrong with Cather though!

Here's my Teaser

claire said...

That happened to me with another book, too. I still haven't finished it after then, as I bought it in a used bookstore and they had no replacement.

How were you liking People of the Book so far? How did you like The Thirteenth Tale? :D

Lisa said...

I am enjoying all of the Spring-themed teasers!

And I was going to say that you could probably do a quick "search inside" on Amazon for the missing pages, but that seems to be the only one of her books that isn't searchable. How annoying!

My teaser is here.

Book Lover Lisa said...

love o pioneers, but how frustrating for you to have your book unreadable.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Spring!

Terri said...

Ruth: thanks for the offer - I don't think I can make the switch from reading to listening at this point though. I'll pop over to Powell's today and get a copy.

Claire: I was loving People of the Book and couldn't wait to see what the next episode was. I'm in the process of going round and round with B and N. (Note to self: Always buy local!) And I enjoyed The Thirteenth Tale quite a bit - nothing profound there, but a good read.

O Pioneers was wonderful!

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Oh - I can't wait for Spring - we are just starting to see a few bulbs coming up. :)

Here's my Teaser about the lion and the lamb from Twilight! ~ Wendi

Margot said...

I just finished re-reading O Pioneers this month. Such oh joy to read that good Cather writing. I'm sorry about your bum book but I would love to have a chance to just pop over to Powells. Such a great book store.

The Mike and Hilarie Dansie Family said...

I love the classics, such beautiful writing.

PopinFresh said...

Sorry about the book, I can understand your frustration with it.

In any case, I love the teaser. Spring is definitely in the air and I could feel like when reading the teaser.

~ Popin

Book Bird Dog said...

Wherever or however it comes, spring is always refreshing. Nice teaser choice.

Caspette said...

What a lovely teaser and a teaser in more ways then one for the people that are to see signs of spring :)

Just to let you know I tagged you here in a fun photo meme.