The Sunday Salon: Bits and Pieces

The Sunday
Happy Sunday, Happy International Women's Day, Happy Daylight Savings Time. Whose idea was it to have such an early start to this time thing (that I've always thought was so ridiculous anyway)?? I guess I won't complain though, since being retired means never having to set my alarm!

This will be a short bullet point post for the most part. Coming this week:
  • You have until Friday (March 13th) morning to sign up for my book giveaway - The Road Home by Rose Tremain. Details are here. It's in celebration of my one year blogiversary!
  • I just realized that it's also my Sunday Salon one year anniversary. Woo hoo!
  • Thursday March 12th, I'm hosting the TLC book blog tour. This time it's Zig-zagging: Loving Madly, Losing Badly - How Ziggy Saved My Life by Tom Wilson. I'll be posting a review on Wednesday evening.
  • Weekly Geeks is doing A Quote A Day this week; go see what the Geeksters are coming up with. I've chosen Women's History Month for my theme; quotes by and about women's issues.
This week's reading included The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry, a finalist for the Booker Prize. I loved Barry's writing and was quite engaged in the story - but saw the twist at the end coming a mile away and was hoping it wouldn't go there. It did. It wasn't a total wreck but seemed contrived.

Today I'm reading World in Half by Cristina Henriquez, an advanced reader's copy. Just getting started on this one, too early to tell. Next, I'm going to dive into a chunkster; either East of Eden by Steinbeck; Possession by A.S. Byatt,; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith; or Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth. Do you have a favorite among these that you'd like to nudge for me? Leave me a comment if you do. Even if you don't, leave me a comment! I love to hear from you.

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Amanda said...

First, I've got to say, I love DST. I wish they would make it permanent. The four months of the year of "normal" time drive me nuts.

Second, I love both Possession (my favorite book ever) and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I'm also planning to read EAst of Eden soon, and love Steinbeck. So you've got some good books on your list there.

Karen H. said...

Someone recommended A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to me just last week. I have East of Eden in my library and have yet to read it. :(

N.Vasillis said...

I've read East of Eden and loved it! It's my suggestion.

Ruth said...

I don't have a nudge among those, but I just got done reading Julia Glass's latest, I See You Everywhere, and have been thinking I should tell you I think you'd love it. I don't think I saw it on any of your lists. Have you read her at all? Fabulous.

violetcrush said...

I have to read 'A tree grows in Brooklyn' too. When i mentioned it in my last Booking through Thursday post, many people said I have to read it. So i'll be starting that as soon as i can. I had loved the cover of World in Half when I had first seen it. Would love to read your opinion on that book too.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Definitely A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I adored that book when I read it last year. I can't praise it enough.

Sarah said...

I've heard a lot of people have been disappointed by the ending to The Secret Scripture. The book still sounds so good I'll have to read it and see for myself.

I'd recommend Possession as your next big book read, as it's a favourite of mine as is A.S. Byatt generally.