Possession - Book Review

Possession by A. S. Byatt

I should probably have waited a little while to write this review, as it is not a kind one. I just put this book down after slogging through the last 1/4 of it. I think I'm supposed to love this book, but I didn't. I almost hesitate to post a review since so many people I know loved this book to pieces.

I won't get into a plot synopsis, others have done that well. I did not like any of the characters. I found the narrative faux erudite. It felt too chunked up for my tastes. And I absolutely hated the ending, which I saw coming a couple of hundred pages prior.

Sorry, Possession lovers, this just did not ring true for me or leave me breathless (other than after my rant about the ending).

There was some beautiful writing, which was worth 3 stars.


Andi said...

I couldn't get into it either. I admire you for finishing because I tossed it pretty quickly. I have some of her other stuff around here to try one day, so we'll see how it goes.