A Few of My Favorite E Things

I have some catching up to do on some memes, an interview and an award or two. I’ve been so obsessive passionate about taking photos and posting to my photo blog lately that I’ve neglected this blog, which is still so important to me – it’s like the older sibling who doesn’t require quite as much attention as the new baby. The older sibling will turn one next month though, which is cause for celebrating and bringing her up to date. I will likely acknowledge the blogaversary with a book giveaway, so check back often!

First off, a meme: Lisa tagged me (ok, I asked for it) with the letter E – and I am supposed to name ten things I love that begin with E. My sarcasm caught up with me when I told her I wanted to buy a vowel. So, I’m stuck with E. Here are a few of my favorite E things, in no particular order.

  • Earth. What an amazing place this is. Just look around. Wow. I wish we were taking better care of Her.
  • Evergreens. I live in a region that is green year-round. We have lots of fir trees, cedars, pines and evergreen shrubs. I couldn't live in an area that wasn't green.
  • Ellipses … which I find very useful in writing. I have lots of trailing thoughts. And hope my readers will fill in what suits them. Maybe....
  • Ears. The better to hear Mozart and choirs and guitars, babies giggling, sweet nothings, friends laughing, ocean waves, the wind through the cedars.
  • Ex-president W. Extra Emphasis on EX. I’m lovin’ the EX.
  • Essays. I do love a well written essay. See above, Ex Libris.
  • Echinacea aka cone flowers, in all seasons. (Enlarge photo by clicking on it.)

Honorable mention goes to: E-mail, ESP, eggnog, extraterrestrials, echoes, eclipses, estuaries, eggs Benedict, and Edward Scissorhands.

Now, here's the deal. If you want to play this meme, leave me a comment requesting a letter. I will assign you a letter, then you blog about it and on and on ad infinitum. See! It's EEEEEasy!

I will catch up with the interview and award bestowing in the next couple of days. And now, I will Exit.

Photos: elephants and Earth from Google Images; goofy laughing pals and echinacea collage by me.



Diane said...

Great list! I had 'P', which was hard!

Terri said...

Well I'd think Pigsknuckle would be right at the top of that list!

Lezlie said...

Elephants! I LOVE elephants!! There is a sancuary in Arkansas, too, Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary, and they have Elephant Experience Weekends where you can go and see what goes on there and help with the animals. I would so love to do it sometime! Here is their website:


teabird said...

Love yours - want one. May I have a letter, please?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha And I thought you were serious about wanting a vowel!! LOL You did an Excellent job with E! And your photos are so great- I especially like the one for Ears!

Thanks for playing~

Wendy said...

Fun list, Terri! I love elephants too :) (And I saw that video with the dog - heartwarming!!). I have yet to read an Erdrich novel (must remedy that soon).

I'd like a letter, pulease!!!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Louise Erdrich! I read Love Medicine and just picked up another one of her books from the library. Love her.

Great post :)

- Lu

Serena said...

LOL you crack me up about the EX-president.

Dreamybee said...

I love elephants too! What a cool video! I read a great book a few years ago that you might like called Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived. Modoc and her trainer's son were both born on the same day and grew up together-it's a great story about the bond between the two and what they go through for each other.