Garden variety

We live on an average sized lot in the city. I wander around the yard with the camera and I'm astounded by the variety of color, texture, shape and fragrance that surrounds us. Some are bold and brash, some are subtle, some complex. Here's a sampler from a Saturday stroll. (Click on the images for an expanded view.)


Contorted catoneaster

Clematis petals

Center of a clematis - the symmetry is stunning

We don't remember what this flower is; here's a closeup of a petal

Bee balm

Coral bells or rock geranium (call the media! there's one in the shape of Buddha! oh...never mind.)

Irises are such shocking flowers.

Lilac - intoxicating scent



Daisy (this is a tiny flower scattered through the lawn).


Fay Sheco said...

These are stunners. Do you know Cornflower's blog? She's in Scotland, and she also features some exquisite photography of garden and home, as well as intelligent book reviews. I discovered your blog through the Sunday Salon and have been enjoying your posts.

Terri said...

Thanks, Fay. I do know Cornflower's blog, I track it every day, in fact she's inspired some of my photos and blog entries. Thanks for visiting!

Irish said...

If that Buddha was in the shape of Jesus...I think you'd be on your way to ebay millions! Don't know what it is about Jesus but people go mad for images of him and his mum Mary.

(We Catholics are just weird! I'm 1/2 Protestent so I missed out on that part of Catholicism.)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the lovely photos! & I loved how you described that lovely (but strange & striking) iris as 'shocking'!

Terri said...

Thanks for visiting, ovidiayu. I peeked at your blog, very interesting! I will visit more.

Yes, shocking, sensual, erotic, even, those irises!

Rose City Reader said...

Greetings from another Rose City blogger! Your pictures are beautiful!

TAG! I just tagged you for the Six Random Things About Myself meme (although I still don't know what that word means).