Reading globally

I got curious about how many countries I've visited in my reading. So I made this map.

Only 35 countries (that I can remember). I have a lot of gaps in Africa and, surprisingly, in Europe. I'll keep track of this in '08 but not in a reading challenge sort of way - more a curiosity for now. Maybe '09 will find me trying to read around the world and turn more of the map red.


Juliette said...

Hi and welcome to the world of blogging - got here via Jill's blog!! Well done with your War and Peace efforts and just to say I loved the Sunday Salon piece, it was fun to read the review again!

Lucky you, retiring in October! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible up to then =)

Nancy said...

I love the reading round the world idea! Especially as I listen to "The Pillars of the Earth," and recall how few books were available to people at different times in history....they were hand-copied at that time, and very very precious. Now we find them free all over the place! And still, very very precious.

Oh, but could we please turn the U.S. all blue instead of all red this year?????