Other things in my world today

I realized this morning that I wanted to write about a few other things in my world besides the books I'm reading or interested in reading - like the beautiful song sparrow aria that greets me from the newly bloomed forsythia every morning as I step outside to go to my studio. Song sparrows don't leave our area in the winter, but their songs are absent during the coldest and darkest months. As they begin to do their family planning and house building, I hear shortened versions of their songs, just a few trills at first. Now, as they get serious about starting their families, the songs expand into full-fledged melodies with all the embellishments.

The daffodils have bloomed so early this year. Even the flowering trees are beginning to bloom. Daffs are so personable - they look like they're smiling, they bounce and dance and nod in the breeze.

So I've changed the title of my blog to reflect more of what you might find here. Now since I still have 6+ months of work to do before the magical retirement day, I'd best get to it. I'll leave you with a photo of the daffodils and the forsythia:


Laura said...

What a funny coincidence. You mentioned recently that you weren't sure you had enough to blog about, and I thought how interesting it would be to read about your transition to retirement. And now here you are, taking it on! Yeah!

Nancy said...

Beeeeautiful! I can't quite figure out the perspective, am I looking at the back of the cottage aka studio !??

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

You're looking at the southeast corner of the backyard (near the raspberry vines) - the building you see is the neighbors garage that I painted since he wouldn't. The bench is the one Terri's going to paint this summer!

The back of the cottage would be too shady for daffodils - that's where the swale and shade garden are. The camas lilies are just starting to open back there.