Weekly Geeks 2009-42: Podcasts?

I haven't done a Weekly Geeks post for quite awhile! This week's topic:

Share with us a podcast you love, preferably book related, but not necessarily so. Give us the link, of course, and share with us details about that podcast and why you enjoy it so much. If you have a couple or three favorites, share them all!

I used to listen to podcasts a lot more when I was working - often to drown out the noise of downtown construction or of chatty co-workers. The ones I listened to most are not necessarily book-related, but authors are often interviewed and it sometimes piqued my interest about their books. These are all such high quality shows and the podcasts are all quite reliable (not all programs are!)

  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I'm so glad this is a podcast because I rarely remember to tune in when it's on the radio. Terry is a fabulous interviewer and her guests cover a very wide spectrum, from authors to generals to actors.
  • Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet - this is where I heard Matt Sanford interviewed about his book, Waking, that I reviewed last week. She has very thought provoking shows with guests such as Karen Armstrong, Rachel Naomi Remen, the late poet John O'Donohue and Mary Doria Russell.
  • The Story with Dick Gordon. Wonderful interviews with everyday folk who have interesting stories to tell.
  • This American Life with Ira Glass. Just brilliant. Sometimes funny, often poignant. David Sedaris is a regular guest as is Sarah Vowell. Hint: you need to download this one the week immediately following the airing of the show for the free podcast; after that they're available for 99 cents each (still a good deal).
I'm grateful for this theme this week because now I'm remembering how much I enjoyed listening to these shows while I worked or rode the bus. I must make time for them again.


SariJ said...

Fresh Air is a really great show.I am so glad NPR has its classic shows available on podcasts. Downloading the weekday shows are the only way I can listen. I try not to miss Wait Wait Don't tell me on the weekend, but thankfully this can be downloaded too.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the recommendations

Dreamybee said...

I enjoy Fresh Air and This American Life too, but I've never heard of the other two-I'll have to check them out.