Teaser Tuesday and Where Are You? 07-07-09: The Colour

Should Be Reading - Miz B - hosts this weekly event. We throw out a couple of sentences from our current read (without spoilers, of course) to entice you to read the book.

This week my teaser is from The Colour by Rose Tremain, page 71:

It was Pare's weeping that brought four year old Edwin to the place where she sat. He'd been lolling in his totoki tree, letting his pet brown caterpillar promenade up and down its branches, when he'd heard an unfamiliar sound. Pare's was a musical kind of weeping, and Edwin wondered whether this noise could be a giant Moa Bird crying for its lost ability to fly.

It's Tuesday, Where Are You? is hosted by an adventure in reading.

I'm in New Zealand near Christchurch at the beginning of a gold rush in 1861.


Caspette said...

What lovely imagery the book portrays.

My Tuesday Teaser is here.

gautami tripathy said...

Seems like a good read!

Tuesdays: Teaser/Whereabouts

kaye said...

love the cover art and the teaser makes me feel somewhat wistful. I am here

Sherrie said...

Sounds like a wonderful book! Have a great day!


Margot said...

I think I'd like a lovely visit to New Zealand. I hope your visit there is a happy one.

Sheila DeChantal said...

Oh that is sooooo fun! Love the Where Are you! It is the late 1700's, maybe early 1800's and I am in England visiting the very feisty and likable Miss Bennet. Elizabeth Bennet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very poetic. Like you, I combine Teasers and Where Are You? plus a couple of others, to boot.