Friday Fill-ins 07-17-09

Janet is our brilliant host for this weekly event.

My responses are in italics.

1. Stir fried tofu and rice make a quick and easy dinner.

2. Old Filth by Jane Gardam is the book I'm reading right now.

3. July brings back memories of a rocket firecracker blowing up in my face when I was ten! I was lucky – no long lasting effects.

4. It‘s obvious that the climate crisis is mostly human caused, but there are still deniers. What’s up with that???

5. They say if you tell your dreams it helps you to sort out the meaning; it can be very therapeutic.

6. I usually have to think it over before I respond in a conflict.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting over the flu, tomorrow my plans include getting over the flu and Sunday, I want to be over the flu!


Autumn said...

I wish you a quick recovery!
Mmmm...rice. Has to be one of my favorite foods. :)
Happy Friday!

Just Me said...

Hope you feel better soon!
:-) Stacey

Jack said...

The flu... that's no fun! Hope your feeling better soon :)

DART said...

Sure hope you can change your Sat and Sun plans by feeling better today!!!

Caspette said...

Hope you feel better soon. The Flu sucks.


teabird said...

Oh, feel better --

oh, and #4 ? YES!