Friday Fill-ins 05-29-09

Janet is our delightful host for this weekly event.

My responses are in italics.

1. It's cold and sweet and irresistible: ice cream!

2. I’m so looking forward to homegrown tomatoes.

3. My favorite health and beauty product is soap and water.

4. Monday my sister and I will have a nice long ride together to Olympia.

5. Well, first of all there was the Big Bang.

6. My friends Gwenlyn and Nan; those were the cast of characters in a recent dream and it was funny, of course.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet evening, tomorrow my plans include a baby shower/BBQ plus an open house; and Sunday, I want to enjoy a potluck and visit with babies and their families!



Louise said...

Have a great weekend! I am going to visit my parents tomorrow and Sunday I am going to a wedding. And Monday is a Bank Holiday here in Denmark, so I am off work! Yeah.

Caspette said...

Are you selling or buying, or both?

Have a good weekend and you reminded me I want some chocolate ice cream mmmmm.

I'll tell you about the poppa. When I was around 8 I got the frozen poppa out of the freezer, but I wanted to drink it NOW. So had the brainwave of melting it in the microwave. Put it in the microwave pressed go and then freaked out as I nearly blew the damn thing up. I still drank my poppa and I slinked off guiltily to the tree in the backyard to hide LOL. The "You dont want to know" was more for mums benefit who reads my blog.

Terri said...

You had a microwave when you were 8??? They weren't invented until I was 30! LOL.

Jack said...

I'm looking forward to some homegrown tomatoes myself :)

Hope your weekend is going well!