For the past couple of months, I've been monitoring the buds on the Stargazer Lilies in our back yard. It's rather like watching a pregnancy unfold (only without the stupid baby showers) - noting each minor change, the anticipation, guessing the birth date. Sunday morning, we were rewarded with a litter! More are blooming every day, and the fragrance is heavenly. Here's a slideshow of the pregnancy and birth:


Anonymous said...

Prize winners! Both the lilies and the slide show.

Smilingsal said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I just got some of these for our 50th anniversary. Take a look at my blog and see July 7th entry for a picture.

PS I missed you at BTT today.

Tiffin said...

I can smell those up in Canada! I wish I looked like that.

Hey, is that one of those make your own cobblestones out of cement mix paths? I have the rubber form to do that and have never got around to it - was it easy? Do you like it?

Terri said...

Thanks, Linda and Sally!
Sally, I've been too busy this week to do BTT - hopefully next week.

tiffin - (you wish you looked like the lilies?? that's funny!) I love the look of the cobblestones, but they're hard for me to walk on w/my bad balance! We need to fill in the gaps. I'll ask Laurie how it was done - it happened way before I moved in.

Tiffin said...

Yes re the lilies: all pink and blushing and freckled and beautiful. Face all open to the sun and giving off a beautiful fragrance.

Anonymous said...

Stargazer lilies are beautiful, one of my favorite flowers. Yours are lovely.

Greenchair said...

Beautiful! It was great seeing them in person (and you too, in all YOUR glory!)