First harvest!

I thinned the lettuce patch today and got a basket of baby lettuces. Which will go right into my salad bowl in a little while. Lettuces are Red Sails and Buttercrunch, my favorites. Always tasty and hearty and beautiful in the garden and the salad bowl.

Radishes were hiding among the peas - I didn't think they germinated, but today I noticed these little red things in the pea patch. They'll add some zest to the salad.

The crimson clover is lush in the unprepared beds; beans and peppers will go in here when the weather warms. When the clover blooms, it's a gorgeous pinkish red - but the blooms take nitrogen away from the soil, so it's a tradeoff. This won't go in the salad - but it's sure pretty to look at while I munch on greens.


Andi said...

Yay! How exciting. I can't wait until some of our veggies begin to come up.