Help my blog find a home

I'm still trying to find a landing place for my blog. I started out on Live Journal but didn't like the obnoxious ad banners. I like it here at Blogger but I'm not wild about the templates. I've been experimenting over at WordPress and have a layout I like - but I haven't figured out how to get my random Library Thing widget to work or add my visitor map, both of which I really like having (but do visitors really care if they're there?).

So...tell me which of these layouts you like better - this one or the one over at WordPress. And let me know if you have any preferences in general between Blogger and WordPress. Thanks!

Edited to add: The votes are in! I'm staying here with Blogger. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying Wordpress, although I couldn't get the random LT widget to work either. I decided to put the RSS feed of recently added books up instead. I don't have a visitor map, but I imagine you could put one up, because I was able to put up a travel map to use for my "read around the world" thing.

Wendy said...

I've been around the blogs - so I can give you a fair overview *laughs* I started at Blogharbor which is a paid forum...loved it, and then switched to PressHarbor (also paid forum) because it was the same good service/company, but was using Wordpress software. It took some getting used to (and some help from a computer friend who has assisted me in personalizing things), but I love the wordpress software and I like the clean look of their blogs. There is definitely a "learning curve" as their features are different from blogger. I like that you can have pages on Wordpress blogs - that is a wonderful feature.

I still have a few blogger blogs - mostly group blogs, and I like the user friendliness of them (so blogger is really perfect for a group blog), but they are quite limited as to the look you have unless you are good with computers and can figure out HTML code to download other looks to your site (I'm neither of those!).

There are always pluses and minuses to every blog you just have to weigh what is most important to you and go with that.

By the way, another paid forum is TypePad which has some great looking blogs out there. But, I found it harder to navigate. I am a member of a few group blogs which use Typepad and I like the look of the blogs...but if you are a new blogger, some of the features are tricky to get used to.

Nancy said...

I liked the first template. I think this blog is fine and I am just learning how to use it. Ya keep me jumpin, Laundry Queen!

gaymom said...

This one seems less distracting; peaceful to read. Love the photos Nancy sent! Hope you were in the garden today...I was. G.

Irish said...

I like the user friendliness of blogger. But then I haven't blogged on other sites so can't really say much about them. You can always download a new blogger template code from places like Pyzam (

No place will be perfect, you've just got to find one where you can be happy. Just let me know where you finally land so that I can update the link on my blog. =)

Terri said...

Hey G - I was in the garden for a bit. Thought of you! Love your handle. ;o)

Irish - gee, thanks for giving me a bazillion more options, now I'll never make up my mind! LOL! I think I've decided to stay put here for awhile. Moving is too much work. There's all those boxes of books....

Terri said...

Wendy, I like the pages feature on WordPress too, but was disappointed that I couldn't do individual posts on it, they're all one long page. That gets a bit unwieldy after awhile, I'd think.

I was able to change a bit of the code on the template here to get it to do a few things I wanted. Yah for knowing enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous!

Terri said...

devourer -- the travel map I want on my site is some javascript code rather than just an image, which your read around the world map is. And WordPress didn't like the code.

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback!