The Sunday Salon- 03-14-10: DST and Blogiversary!

Hello Sunday readers! Did you in the US remember to set your clocks ahead? I have never understood what daylight savings time accomplishes. And that our Congress, in all their "wisdom" a few years ago, thought that extending DST was enough of an energy savings to call it enough for the energy bill. I always wondered how much that little scheme cost.

But the good news: since I never got around to changing my car clock last fall, at least it will be set to the right time now. Simple pleasures.

At some point this week I realized that I've been doing this bloggy thing for two years now! March 5, 2008 was my very first blog post. So, happy blogiversary, me! Today marks my 425th post on this blog (650 on my photo blog). I think I need to do something to celebrate, so check back next week when I'll announce a giveaway and belated party.

Contrary to what you've seen (or rather haven't seen) on my blog the last two weeks, I have been reading! I'm just a bit behind on my reviews and hope to remedy that this week. On Friday, March 19th, look for a Classics Circuit tour stop here with my review of Georgette Heyer's Friday's Child, which I'm reading now and enjoying. And look for my reviews of The Patience Stone, The Ghost Map and Cutting for Stone sometime in the next few days. Enjoy your week!


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Happy blogiversary and congratulations. Two years is an amazing achievement. Looking forward to more of your reviews!

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