The Sunday Salon: 12-13-09

The Sunday

I was hoping to have a book review to post this week, but alas, I have yet to finish one for December! I'm making progress on The Lacuna, and enjoying it a lot, just not reading much at a go. Hopefully after next week's choir concert, I'll have some more reading time and energy. Some of the music we're learning for the concert is quite challenging - not a bad thing, but it takes a LOT of time to learn and memorize. Plus, I'm singing a solo in the matinee concert and have had an unfriendly flu bug plaguing me all week, so I need to recover my voice slowly.

So since I don't have much bookish news to report, here's a poem that is the basis for one of the songs we're singing in the concert. It's written by Carolyn Forché:

Song Coming Toward Us

I am spirit entering
The stomach of the stones

Bowls of clay and water sing,
Set on the fires to dry
The mountain moves
Like the spirit of the southeast morning

You walk where drums are buried
Feel their skins tapping all night
Snow flutes swell ahead of your life
Listen to yourself

I am spirit living
Thin wooden years
Around the aspen

You live
Like a brief wisp
In a giant place

Have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you're doing today. Maybe next week I'll have a book report!


Laura said...

That's a lovely poem, Terri. Thanks for sharing. I hope the concert goes well!